☇ Foxy Black ⇀ Armstrong Tower ⇀ Pianist ⇀ ♀ ⇀ Open 

She’s too young. That is true, only fourteen, but already a musical genius. Her fingers hard against the keys of pianos play symphonies that melt your ears. Foxy’s music is far from sweet though, majestic horror pieces fill her songbook. The songs she knows are uncanny and often turn people away, they don’t except the rough music coming from a girl who appears so acquitted. That in fact is the one thing people cannot grip, the fact that Foxy is exactly like her name, rare, unforeseen, and peculiar. The expected sweet beauty is in actuality bizarre and free minded, but what more could you expect from the daughter of a fortune teller? A walk into her home would only uncover omens and superstitions, fables and symbols plastered onto the walls. Her mother passes her days having ‘psychic encounters’ and reading about witches, myths, and legends. Growing up around the spine-chilling magic has made Foxy just the same.

The young girl is always off in her own world and music, her mind is broad and confusing. Nothing is what it is and her invisible glasses are the looking glass, she questions everything and believes whatever she hears, being gullible and vulnerable without notice. However she can be easily convinced, steering her wrong would be a bad choice, for there is no saying what her or her bloodline is truly capable of.  She is not embarrassed of her mother’s doing, and truthfully feels she holds the same talent as her mother, the ability to see things that might occur.  She tries to warn people about things, always contradiction her own statements, walking around finding inspiration in even the littlest of things. Foxy Black is a lost cause all her own, some are scared of her, some avoid her, some enjoy her odd creativity and individuality, and some only stick around for the show, but either way  she’s something the worlds never seen before. She’ll make an impact.  

Basic info.

  • Age: 15
  • Sexuality: Unknown

Extra Information:

  • Doesn’t tell people where she is from
  • Believes and talks about myths and superstitions 
  • Often nice, doesn’t notice when people are being standoffish 

Face-claim or Play-by: Chloe Moretz

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